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Paul Ephross Scholarship A Project of Named Scholarships & Endowments

The Paul Ephross Scholarship in Social Work with Groups provides scholarship support for students at the University of Maryland School of Social Work who are entering the field of group work and who are doing their field internship through SWCOS, to encourage students to creatively use groups in community-based practice and to promote a broader conception and practice of social group work.



Supported by 18 Donations:

  • Scott B.
    Scott B. '72
    I Gave $100
  • Lorinda R.
    I Gave $50
    I remember Professor Ephross as a great teacher.
  • Silhouette
    In memory of great discussions with Paul Ephross
  • Lawrence B.
  • Richard B.
    I Gave $250
    Paul was one of the most influential faculty in the history of the School and his legacy of leadership will endure.
  • claire `.
    In fond memory of Paul
  • Joan A.
    In memory of Paul Ephross
  • Beth S.
    Beth S. '82
    I Gave $100
    In loving memory of my most stellar professor who taught us what matters most about relationships and our work as a role model throughout his life.
  • Robert S.
    I Gave $200
    In memory of a man of intelligence, integrity and humor
  • Silhouette
  • Amy C.
    I Gave $50
  • Gary  S.
    Gary S. '81
    This gift is in memory of Paul Ephross, one of our most inspiring teachers, mentors and colleagues. May his memory be a blessing to future students.
  • Lauren C.
    In memory of our neighbor and friend.
  • Silhouette
  • Judith P.
    Judith P. '90
    I Gave $100
    In Memory of one of my most inspiring social work professors ... he taught with both "heat & light"!
  • Elizabeth G.
  • Devon D.
    I Gave $50
    In memory and honor of our friend Peter's father.
  • Lily G.
    I Gave $50
    In loving memory of a colleague and friend.