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Dr. Harry Chaiklin

Many of you knew Harry as an inspirational and dedicated teacher, but you may not know all his many other accomplishments. Dr. Chaiklin has been a professional social worker for more than 50 years. His combination of scholarship and hands-on experience enriched Dr. Chaiklin's role as a teacher, his insight and relevance as a writer, and his effectiveness as a consultant. Students have benefited from his ability to relate theory to practice, and the balanced perspective of his published articles has enabled Dr. Chaiklin to enlighten the profession with his critical analyses of social work, its focus, direction, practice, and role in a democratic society.

In consultation with agencies and programs, Dr. Chaiklin has brought to the field a unique special brand of scholarship and relevance. He was a valued advisor to the Veterans Administration Social Work Service program during its transition from hospital- to community-based mental health care. His strong affirmation that social work's role in the community was equal in importance to its traditional one-on-one clinical relationships was helpful in providing the impetus for this change in the VA's policy.

Dr. Chaiklin has received a number of honors, including the Maryland Association of Higher Education Award of Merit for the Dual Degree in Social Work and Dance Therapy, a listing in Who's Who Among Human Service Professionals, the Harry Greenstein Award from Baltimore Associated Jewish Charities, election to Alpha Delta Mu at Morgan State University, a position as the Senior Fulbright Hays Lecturer at Haifa University, a listing in Who's Who in the East, recognition from Outstanding Educators of America, the Social Worker of the Year Award from the Maryland chapter of the NASW, and he was a Commonwealth Fund Fellow at Yale University. Dr. Chaiklin has also written more than 50 articles, primarily published in professional journals.

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  • Ann L.
    I Gave $500
    In memory of Harris Chaiklin - teacher, coach, mentor, kindred spirit - all have meaning to us. But friend is the dearest.
  • Gerald P.
    Gerald P. '69
    In Memory--always remembered--often quoted.
  • Hanccock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy, Inc. H.
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    Donation in honor of Harris Chaiklin, from the Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy Staff and Board of Directors, Madison, WI
  • Amy R.
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  • Eve F.
    In loving memory from a niece.
  • Richard B.
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    Toward my pledge to support Harry's scholarship
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    Dear Harry, Congratulations on the award! We love you and hope to see you soon. Hemda & Yuval
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    Anonymous '86
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  • Marvin G.
    Harry was a great, the great, intellectual guru of our monthly discussion group. The scholarship is a well deserved tribute.
  • Silhouette
    The Dinner Group honors Harry Chaiklin who managed to keep a bunch of lawyers and judges intellectually on our toes. We miss him.
  • Richard B.
    I Gave $1,000
    I gave in honor of Harry's great work on the history of the School of Social Work. No one could have compiled this nearly as well as he did!
  • Allan R.
    Allan R. '78
    Passionate social worker, inspirational mentor and great friend.
  • Michael  S.
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    Harry Chaiklin: A real mensch. My privilege to know him.
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  • Alison  R.
    Alison R. '89
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    Rev. Patricia J. Payne, Class of 1971
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    Best wishes!
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    Walter D. '69
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    Stuart F. '70
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    I believe I was the only student who Dr. Chaiklin for an advisor, 1969/70.
  • David B.
    David B. '82
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  • Richard F.
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    Rich '67 Thanks for all you've done for the School & the profession.
  • Norma M.
    Norma M. '65
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    Dr. Chaiklin made a lasting impression on each of his students.
  • sheila t.
    sheila t. '71
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    Carol L. '73
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  • Iris  S.
    Iris S. '70
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    Dr Chaiklin was a a challenging teacher who cared about his students. He had integrity, was honest and made you think broadly.
  • Jan H.
    Jan H. '92
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    the apple does not fall far from the tree. I work with his daughter, Nina who is a wonderful social worker. His legacy will continue. Jan H
  • Robert D C.